2016 is coming together nicely... 

BLOODSOAKED is in the process of booking for 2016.  Confirmed so far is the Frankfurt (Germany) Deathfest for March 3 to 5 and the Butchering Europe Tour March 31 to April 9.

More announcements coming soon...

Butchering Europe 2016 Tour 

Bloodsoaked is happy to announce the Butchering Europe 2016 Tour, March 31 thru April 9, 2016. Joining Bloodsoaked will be Deviance, Bloodwritten, Morose Vitality and Newtdick. Cities and venue information will follow in the coming months. 

Europe Tour over ... 

WOW!  What another crazy and successful 10 day Europe Tour. I met so many great fans and made new friends as well. Thank you to all the support bands; Morose Vitality, Grooms of The Stool, Soul Remnants and Psychiatric Regurgitation who crushed it each night. Falko for putting the tour together, each promoter and venue that helped make the tour a success and the two bus drivers who kept us safe on the road. But for me most important a HUGE thank you to the tour manager Michael who is much more of a friend than just a tour manager. We've spent 4 tours, 40 days together over the past few years and too many good times that will never be forgotten. Good to be home but sad the tour is over... 

Europe Tour Starts in a few days 

The BLOODSOAKED Devouring Europe Tour starts on Thursday April 9th in Berlin, Germany. Looking forward to seeing a bunch of Death Metal fans on the road. See you all soon.

09.04 - Berlin (Ger) "Blackland"
10.04 - Chemnitz (Ger) "Sanitätsstelle"
11.04 - Cottbus (Ger) "Muggefug"
12.04 - Koszalin (Pol) "Inferno Cafe"
13.04 - Stargard (Pol) "TPS"
14.04 - Uherske Hradiste (CZ) "Klub Mir"
15.04 - Leipzig (Ger) "4 Rooms"
16.04 - Tilburg (NL) "Little Devil"
17.04 - Oostburg (NL) "The Lane"
18.04 - Weißenfells (Ger) "Schlosskeller"

Last USA Show for Bloodsoaked 

I will be playing my last show in the USA on Saturday March 28, 2015 at The Maywood in Raleigh, NC. I have a ten day Europe tour after this but this is your last chance to see Peter and Bloodsoaked perform live in the USA.  The band is coming to an end so come out and crush skulls with us.

All 4 albums available for Free! 

That's right!  All 4 Bloodsoaked albums area available as a Free download via the Music section of the web site or Click here for the Free Downloads.

This is to thank all the fans that have supported Bloodsoaked thru the years and continue to do so. This is also part of the pledge I made when doing the Kickstarter for the new album.

Please spread the word to as many people as you can about these free downloads. My main goal is to gain more fans thru the free music and give back to all the Bloodsoaked supporters.

You can still support Bloodsoaked and Comatose Music with buying physical CDs and/or Shirts, Hats, Stickers and more via the Merchandise section.

Peter - Bloodsoaked

April Europe Tour Update 

Contrast The Water had to cancel due to personal reasons but I am happy as fuck to have Psychiatric Regurgitation fill their slot.  They toured Europe with us two years ago and this time will be even better.

09.04 - Berlin (Ger) "Blackland"10.04 - Chemnitz (Ger) "Sanitätsstelle"
11.04 - Cottbus (Ger) "Muggefug"
12.04 - Koszalin (Pol) "Inferno Cafe"
13.04 - Stargard (Pol) "TPS"
14.04 - Uherske Hradiste (CZ) "Klub Mir"
15.04 - Leipzig (Ger) "4 Rooms"
16.04 - Tilburg (NL) "Little Devil"
17.04 - Oostburg (NL) "The Lane"
18.04 - Weißenfells (Ger) "Schlosskeller"

April 2015 Europe Tour Confirmed with Support Bands 

Very happy to announce the BLOODSOAKED - "Devouring Europe" April 2015 tour is confirmed with support bands. BLOOSOAKED will be supported by Contrast The Water, Soul Remnants, Grooms of the Stool and Morose Vitality. April 9-18 with venues and cities to be announced in the coming months.

New Guitar Tabs Added 

I have added two new Guitar Tabs for "Abomination" and "Religious Apocalypse" to the Ultimate Guitar site.  That's a total of 24 Guitar Tabs I have posted so Click here for the Guitar Tabs.  If you learn a song or two and feel like making a YouTube video of yourself covering the song please send me the link.

Biggest Bloodsoaked Fan 

Here's Petia Ivanova showing her support for Bloodsoaked. She is without a doubt the biggest Bloodsoaked fan. She traveled all the way from Bulgaria to Poland (plane, train and taxi) just to see Bloodsoaked perform live in April 2014. Thank you Petia for all the support.

Cool review from Ave Noctum 

Well this is a treat! North Carolina’s Bloodsoaked have been kicking around playing some awesome technical death metal since 2006. They are a project helmed by Peter Hasselbrack, ably assisted on this release by Joseph Darling on 2nd guitar and. This 9 track album is their 5th release and consists of 3 new tracks, 2 covers (more on them in a minute) and 4 live cuts.

Anyone who’s read my ramblings before will know that I hate technicality for the sake of it. Showing off does not = brutality nor does it necessarily make for good songs. This is where Bloodsoaked triumph by concentrating on ‘purely old school, no frills, straight forward, skull crushing Death Metal in the most raw and primitive form!’ Wise words!

Want some slamming breakdowns – then Dying Fetus, Devourment and Amputated nail that. Want a load of techno-wankery then spin your Obscura / Necrophagist cd’s. What Peter does is nail a classic death metal vibe with some proper death metal vocals (none of that pig squeally bollocks here).

The 3 original tracks, ‘Devouring’, ‘Abomination’ & ‘Religious Apocalypse’ are all premium quality death metal in the vein of Deicide (‘Devouring’ wouldn’t sound out of place on any of their last 4 records) with incredibly fast & precise riffing and pounding drums. ‘Abomination’ is slower, heavier and a blend of some of the more crushing of Cannibal Corpse’s later material with ‘Blessed Are The Sick’ era Morbid Angel. The title track is likewise slower still and while not quite up to the intensity of the previous two belters, has a crushing bottom end that leaves you feeling beaten up…….. but up next are the two covers…..

Now if you’re of a certain vintage (late 30’s early 40’s) you’ll remember the days of glam & hair metal, perhaps with fondness (I do….. despite owning a Tigertailz record) or disgust. You just can’t argue with some of the classic glam rock songs and Bloodsoaked obviously agree by covering two of my utter fave guilty pleasures……..’Shake Me’ by Cinderella and Ratt’s ‘You’re In Love’. Adding a dose of extra chunk & crunch to the riffs and obviously some brutal DM vocals yet keeping the widdly solos in otherwise faithful renditions. Now this’ll probably have the DM elitist nobs spitting feathers but for me? Fucking brilliant! Sure-fire dancefloor fillers (and eyebrow raisers) in any metal club. Well done lads!

The four live tracks  culled from the bands back catalogue sound killer and are a sweet addition. The band, despite being essentially Peter’s project are obviously tighter than a nun’s chuff live and with a bit of luck we’ll be seeing them in the UK soon.

(8/10 Mark Eve) - Ave Noctum Online Zine

New Album Review from Absolute Media. 

I would not so much call this a new album as new 3 song ep with covers and live tracks . I will very much talk about the 3 new track as they are crushing and brutal classic melodic death metal that anyone with a weakness to the a nod to those Nuclear blast, Roadracer, Earache and Relapse days will want to listen over and over again. Sometime death metal is just suppose to be brutal, dark and heavy and with Bloodsoaked Peter has mastered just that.  Peter loves Carcass, Obituary, Bolt Thrower and Death this is very clear in the arrangements and tracks over all tones.  Now on to the covers Cinderella ( Shake me) and Ratt ( Your in Love) . To be honest they just make me freakin smile. We all love these songs don't lie to yourself and Bloodsoaked make them just kick ass  with Cinderella its something I swear Entombed did as that what it sounds like and just is aces!!!! Then with Ratt it's just that a death metal vocalist showing is love for a great hard rock song. These two track are just cool sir my hats off you Bloodsoaked for that . The live track just show how good Bloodsoaked are on the stage and as I've seem Peter as a one man force on stage I know flat out how good he is as an artist. I still feel he should have been on a much bigger label as Bloodsoaked are stronger then many bands on the big 4 death metal labels. I look forward to a proper full length in the future..
Review from Absolute Zero Media

New album review from Two Guys Metal Reviews 

Review is from Matt Baggins at Two Guys Metal Reviews:

Now here's a nifty release. A new album from Bloodsoaked that contains three originals, two badass glam metal covers and four live tracks. I'm not sure what to make of this, it's certainly cool though, and an awesome introduction to the band for a Bloodsoaked newbie like me. Their new record Religious Apocalypse is interesting because it gives us a full scope of the band, from their new ideas, to their guilty pleasures. Getting a feel for the bands live stuff is great too and certainly keeps the record fresh, freshness being a quality far too few death metal records can boast these days.

There is something wonderfully meaty about the grooves on Bloodsoaked's new tracks. Songs like Abomination are strangely reassuring in their crushing destruction and obsession with gore. These songs don't rely on pig squeals or slam parts, but rather a huge bottom end that leaves you feeling beat up and broken. Every blast beat strikes below the belt, leaving you a husk of your former self by the time the record is over. The covers though are perhaps my favorite part of the record. You haven't lived until you've heard a death metal cover of a Cinderella song. These guys know it's silly, but they still do it incredibly well and it makes their reprises of songs that are pushing 30 incredibly fun.

Simply put, I love this kind of clearly enunciated death metal. The fact that the band have a sense of humor and great taste in glam only serves to bring Religious Apocalypse closer to my heart. As I let the grooves of Religious Apocalypse overcome me, it feels sort of right. This is what death metal is all about, old school magic that rings of blood, fire, and death. These guys are great songwriters and triumphant musicians. What more could you ask for from a death metal record in 2014? Dive into the pit and dance to Cinderella, Bloodsoaked know where it's at.

Kickstarter Packages have been sent... 

Hello to all the Bloodsoaked fans that supported the Bloodsoaked Kickstarter for the new album and video. Just wanted to give you an update and let you know that all the physical packages have been sent as well as emails for the digital downloads.

Thank you again so much for the support, I appreciate it more than you know.

Here's a picture of Kickstarter supporter (Scott) after he received his package.

New Album Review from Heavy Metal Time Machine 

Reviews of the new album "Religious Apocalypse" are slowing coming in. I am going to try and post them all (good or bad).  This is a cool review from Andy and Heavy Metal Time Machine:

After three years of (studio) silence one-man death metal band Bloodsoaked will make it's return on September 2nd. For fans of Death, Morbid Angel, Obituary, Decide and Cannibal Corpse that should be an important date as this Raleigh, North Carolina project has recorded an album that covers all the bases. New studio material? Yep. That would be "Devouring" , "Abomination" and the title cut. Live material? But of course! How about a few cover tracks to sweeten the deal? Well now, that is where this one really gets interesting! OK, make that awesome! You see Bloodsoaked, a "band" that was formed in 2006 and has three additional full-length releases to it's name, throws in not one, but TWO gems from the hard rock scene of yesterday! Getting the royal (brutal death metal) treatment are Cinderella's "Shake Me" and (a personal favorite of mine) Ratt's "You're In Love"! And for that sole reason I ENTHUSIASTICALLY recommend this upcoming release from Bloodsoaked! That's not to say that the original music that comes from Bloodsoaked is anything but enjoyable. The Brainchild of Peter Hasselbrack* (ex-Archaic Winter, ex-Deslok), Bloodsoaked does brutal death metal just about as well as anyone else. Scratch that. Bloodsoaked does a solid to the death metal scene and then some! As a vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Peter Hasselbrack is in fine form here as he is equally skilled in both areas. The original material offered here falls right in line with the above mentioned acts as Peter does a smash-up job at balancing technical death metal with the more extreme side of the genre. Ending with live versions of "Suicide" , "No God" , "Infestation" and "Grinding Your Guts" (all of which prove this band's ability to pull off it's sound in a live setting!) the new album "Religious Apocalypse" was a pleasant surprise and one that should appease both old fans and new! 

*On a side note Peter looks a lot like "The Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff!

New album track list... 

Here we go Fuckers.  The new BLOODSOAKED album (Religious Apocalypse) track list.  We have 3 brand new songs, 2 insane cover songs and 4 live tracks.  A lot of people have been asking why did BLOODSOAKED cover 80's Glam songs, well because Glam RULES!  I (Peter) wanted to release a full album of 80's Glam cover songs and include 2-3 brand new original songs but the record label didn't want to release it.  So instead of shelving the project we came to an agreement for this release and here it is.

The original songs are in the same traditional Death Metal that BLOODSOAKED has been writing since 2006. If you like the previous releases you will enjoy the new songs, I don't veer off the BLOODSOAKED style much with maybe the exception of the song Devouring to some extent.  Devouring is the fastest song I've written while still keeping the song simple and pure Death Metal.

You can stream the full album here.

The album will be released by Comatose Music on September 2nd and you can place pre-orders now. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think (good or bad).

  1. Devouring
  2. Abomination
  3. Religious Apocalypse
  4. Shake Me (Cinderella Cover)
  5. You're In Love (Ratt Cover)
  6. Suicide (Live)
  7. No God (Live)
  8. Infestation (Live)
  9. Grinding Your Guts (Live)